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About Us and latté & Wit


Meet the Team
Ashley- The Mastermind behind it all

Bandit and Oakly- Quality Control (come meet them at events)
My Parents, Boyfriend & Friends- The muscle/support team/helpers


Why I do it:

I enjoy having an alternative outlet for my creative brain that is fueled by lots and lots of lattés which keeps me functioning and sometimes makes me wittier.

Picture of the creator

About Ashley:

I am a 3d Environmental Designer (really cool interior designer) by day and DIY Designer by night. I am always being creative 24 hours a day. I have been creating and making or as some say “crafting” since I was little. I enjoy helping and volunteering. So with any profits (subtracting the materials and fees) we make while at a show or selling a piece goes into training and maintaining Bandit and Oakly as therapy dogs for children’s hospital. Bandit and Oakly are both rescue dogs with difficult childhoods and they love making little humans lives better.

Oakly and Bandit

About Bandit:

Black lab, Adopted in May of 2015, she was found walking around Mississippi with another puppy. She was happy and healthy with one issue: Men and hats. She was clearly abused as a pup and slowly she is getting better around older men. Bandits favorite thing is to give high fives, children, and belly rubs.


About Oakly:

Border collie-Lab, Adopted on Valentine's day 2016, she was found in a box with other puppies on the side of the road with no fur in the middle of nowhere. Luckily that didn't break her puppy spirit! She loves to lick you to death and is always happy about life.  

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