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Our Story

latté & Wit was created out of a collaborative project with a friend in the summer of 2015, not realizing it would come to anything more permanent than the one-off project.

In 2016 Ashley thought she could put her art school degree to use in a different way than just at work in an office. Ashley is very big in volunteering and donating the creations to many organizations for charity but there is one that stands out the most, her rescue dogs. Their four paws drive her to create so that any profits earned are put into training and maintaining them to be hospital therapy dogs.

When she makes art or build, she always creates the forms that she would like to see. It may be based on something already existing or something organic that hasn't quite been seen yet. She loves the challenge of working with recycled materials and finding those perfect pieces.

The creations include t-shirts, shadow boxes, wall art and reclaimed wood panels. The unlimited possibilities and combinations of each design give life to something as small as a sticker or as large as a 24 x 36 panel.


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