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No Mow May

This is our second year participating in No Mow May. Fun fact this year someone in our area actually reported our yard! The funniest part about that was that I had to inform the code person that this is something the city does... crazy right? Well, I figured it would be a great way to get people to start thinking about No Mow May for next year. Since you start preparing for it this year. No Mow May is not just about not mowing your grass for the month. Everything in your yard is a part of it as well. This does take some retraining your brain to say this is messy looking but I am helping. I plan on selling some yard signs for purchase that can help get the word out. But the biggest factor of them all is you cannot spray your yard unless it is an organic matter already found in the ground/soil.

I will highlight a post another day about the use of chemicals in our yards and what impact they have on us and everything that lives outside.

NO MOW MAY Info Sheet
Download PDF • 854KB

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