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  • Ashley

Gluten Free Fail

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Well as I round into the new year my body is starting to reject certain foods. I like to sometimes ignore that but fighting with your thousand-dollar toilet is not fun. Let's be frank you lose and if you win I'm sorry for your plumber. Well, I was watching a show called Restaurant Start-Up it's free right now on NBC's new app. It has Joe B from Master Chef so I had to give it a shot. One of the pitches was a gluten-free noodle company made from chickpeas. Okay, I hate hummus, can't stand it. But they made their pitch and Joe actually said it's good, so I will trust his judgment since we all know who his mother is, and well what he runs/owns.

This is what I tried. They look like noodles, cook like noodles, foam-like noodles... but what's the catch. You cannot overcook them! I cooked them for exactly 9 minutes and they were perfect. You ask what the problem is well you have to be ready to eat them immediately.

I tried warming them up in the microwave and it killed them just like how when you overcook regular noodles, mushy, gross, and mealy.

Would I try them again, yes but they will be the last thing to be cooked before the meal is ready. I mean make everything and have it ready to be ready to plate once those noodles hit 9 minutes.

Leave your cooking trials in the comments, I want to hear what everyone else is doing.


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