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Adopt Me!

I have adopted twice now. But both times I did not know what I was getting into....

Let's recount the first time I adopted my bundle of fur, who is staring at me while I type this. Think she knows that we are discussing her life? First things first I have never adopted but I never look back. I will adopt for the rest of my life unless there is a specific reason I need a pup from a breeder. It brought so much joy just seeing this little face confused that her friend that she came in with is missing and loud commotion all over the place. My goal was to keep them together but her little sibling was gone before I got to the humane society.

If you are going to adopt from a shelter make sure you have what you need to leave the shelter as well. They had collars and leashes for sale so I was able to leave the shelter with Bandit but could have not made a hash decision on what color to pick. Also if you are going to crate train get that before you get a little pup pup. Adopting a pup that isn't a pup same rules apply to make sure you are ready to take the furball home.

Adopting from a rescue? Make sure you do your homework. Know where the dogs are coming from, look at their social media, check out comments/reviews see what people are saying. I did not just because we knew someone that volunteered with the rescue so I thought things would be okay, well I was wrong. We will leave that up to a story for another time since that is about Oakly.

Things I have learned make sure the pup doesn't matter what age has their own things. Bandits safe space was a cardboard box I made into a bed for her with some new blankets I got from the baby aisle. I didn't have any other pets but a hamster so there were not a lot of smells or territory for her to deal with. It usually takes a pup to get used to a house and a new space in about a week. Make sure to have their stuff in a place where it is away from everyone in case they need that space to adjust. If they really are connected to you or someone in the house you can always have a blanket or old shirt for them to smell or lay with.

Once you have made sure they can't get into anything let them roam. Let them safely check out the place without you. I liked to sit on the floor and just watch Bandit and let her do her thing, I just made sure she wasn't trying to potty in the house.

I think this is enough information to start with. Remember to check out the places before you go rescue/adopt.

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