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Halloween UP!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love to make my costumes every year and this year I enlisted Matt to join into the fun. We decided that we would be characters from the movie UP! It seemed fitting because Matt is apart of the boy scouts of america and it is one of our favorite Pixar movies.

Matt's costume was pretty easy to make because he already had the "wilderness explorer" badges, clothes and pack. I went to the dollar store to purchase a few things like a flash light, hooks and a jump rope to turn into a rope that Russell has on his pack in the movie.

To make the hat and flag:

-Foam sheets from walmart around 50 cents

-Dowel from walmart or any craft store

-Hat (used a old hat) can find one like that color at Jo-Anns or Michaels

-Hot glue

-Printer to print the logo to use as a stencil.

Find a image of the wilderness explorer logo to print a few times. Make sure you scale the logo in word to the size you need to make the flag and the hat.

I took a orange sheet and folded it diagonally in half to have a flag shape to cut.

I chose to make the logo all one level rather than building up each foam piece color. The W is recessed into the tree. To do this just cut your tree out and you W then trace the W onto the tree and cut out and pop in the W! I did the same thing for the hat.

I decided to be Kevin the bird. Now the old man would have been funny but I love Kevin.

To make Kevin, you need to know some simple sewing. I bought a t-shirt from target and the tutu was from amazon. Mask and headband were from Target. I sewed tulle to the tutu to match how his coloring goes on his body. I sewed feather boas to the shirt to give more of a realistic look to the body as they will move about while wearing the shirt. The mask was black so i painted it with craft paint got at walmart. Hot glued feathers to the headband.

Thanks for reading! Email us with any questions.

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