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  • Ashley Modlinski

Recycled Fabric Dogdanas

Here at latté & Wit, we love our pets! One thing we make are fun cute little 2-sided bandanas. They add some swag to your already hip pup. Nice features about our dogdanas not only that they are recycled and 2-sided, there are no ties for your pup to chew on and it cannot fall off!

The dogdana slips onto the collar that your dog normally wears, it fits most standard size collars but does not work on prong collars. The recycled fabric is actually upholstery fabric, that can withstand dirt and some can withstand water. I like to use them when we go hiking or at the dog park. Having the dogdana on them can help keep burs and other items off of their fur depending how active they are they do stay in place. One other thing that I like to do, because I don't like how tick collars smell and let alone my pups chew on tags I spray/drop on a oil remedy on the dogdana as an extra protectant on top of their regular flea and tick treatment when in the woods. Living in Wisconsin you can never be too carful.

This spray helps keep fleas, ticks, and mosquitos away.

You can either use it as a spray on the pup or put drops onto the dogdana. Always shake well before use, oil does settle and separate. Please make sure to test a small area on your body and your pup before you spray it all over, and do not get in the eyes!

-Contact us about ordering your spray today!

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