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New June

We have been taking these past couple months to get more prepared, better our products and put our thinking caps on for new ideas. Check below of the new exciting things that are coming but don't worry we will still be making our personal favorite canvas, treat jars and wood signs.

StellaOak Line will feature new and more exciting things for your pup and home.

-We will have our All Natural Bug Spray in stock which is safe for humans and pups that will help prevent fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. It will currently be offered in a travel size great for hiking and on the go. But could offer larger sizes on request.

-Expanding the Dogdana prints and styles, recycled fabric along with cotton prints and team fabrics.

-Dog Collars!!! We are going to be offering cute printed collars for your little four leggers but please do not use for tie out. They are durable but we do not want to see anyones little one lost!

-Dog Treats will be available at craft events, but could ship and can request larger orders.

-Possibly cute wood dog beds but don't hold us to that just yet! We are still thinking about it but are open to orders.

New Changes

-We will start offering a reclaimed wood or a one board design, because not everyone wants a panel sign.

-Tile signs will now be offered at 26$ custom orders are where it is as but we will have some take home signs at craft fairs.

-New Top Loading Beer box size 11x14 which is able to offer more breweries on the glass and can hold more caps or wine corks!

-Key chains, bottle stoppers, drink wear and more are coming to the store as well. Most will be a custom order because of the various options each product. But we will have a custom corner at each event to see what your can order and create.

-Coffee cups and wine glasses are going to start to pop up in limited amounts at events but will take orders

Last announcement!

We will also be going into State Street Boutique starting in July, part of each purchase will be going to The Rescue Gang whose mission to rehabilitate, provide medical care, and find forever homes for abandoned and neglected animals through our foster program, they hold an open house adoption on every Sunday. So while out looking for your perfect addition to your family you will be able to shop from clothes, necklaces, essential oils and many of our StellaOak products with some non-puppy home decor.

Check out the links below.

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